About us

Angel Home, founded in 2008 by Hemo Prasad Das, is an orphanage in rural India (Odisha) that aims to be a safe home and a loving family for orphans and semi orphans living in villages where extreme poverty is heavily present.

Angel Home aims to provide our children with a positive and bright future allowing them to break away from the cycle of poverty. We do this through giving our children access to an education and encouraging them to dream big.

Annie, whilst on a four month trip volunteering abroad in 2014, fell in love with the children of Angel Home, and decided to dedicate the next 5 years to ensure that these children had a safe home, a loving family and the chance to dream big when it came to their futures.

Annie regularly travels between the UK and India, staying at Angel Home for 4 months each visit, assisting in the day to day activities as well as continuing to raise awareness in the UK.

At Angel Home the most important thing we provide the children with is a loving family- children thrive through being loved and we also insure they are encouraged to dream big- all our children have aspirations to have a career when then finish school, some of our kids want to be doctors, others want to serve in the police force, and we even have one of our girls who wants to be an engineer.

Our children have access to an education, this is something they don’t necessarily have access to in their villages due to them having to work in order to help support their families, our children study very hard at school with 4 of our kids achieving the highest grades in their respective classes at the end of the academic school year in 2017.

The children are also taught English which will give them a advantage when it comes to finding a job after education. At Angel Home the children have a library with books and puzzles to encourage their cognitive development and critical thinking skills.

The children have a access to a healthy diet which helps them to grow healthy and strong and prevents them from becoming sick this includes fruit and vegetables. We provide our children with mosquito nets that help to prevent malaria and the Zika virus. Angel Home is a safe environment – thanks to the teams that visit from the uk to carry out maintenance work.


We love nothing more than enrolling vulnerable children into our loving family but as with all charities this costs money. For just £20 per month you can help us to educate and care fora child giving them the opportunity to have a successful future breaking away from the cycle of poverty. See our flier for more details or contact [email protected]