Nelson Mandala once said “Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.” For our kids access to an education will change their worlds – it will give them and their families and communities the chance to break away from the cycle of poverty as obtaining qualifications from school will give them access to well paid jobs allowing them to provide food and shelter for those close to them. At Angel Home we encourage our kids to study hard and dream big. We are so proud of how hard our kids work both at school and in tuition hours and with four of our kids achieving the highest grades in their respective classes it is proof that hard work pays off!

New library

After the amazing work of the team, two more friends visited Angel Home to create a library for the children using books, stationary and furniture that people in the UK had donated prior to their visit. The kids love their new library, their faces light up when they read a book and they enjoy tackling a puzzle.

February 2017

In February 2017 we were visited by a maintenance team made up of my friends and family from the UK. The team achieved above and beyond what they set out to achieve, painting the entire interior of the building before tackling the front of the building, resizing  and fitting  32 bathroom doors, fixed and fitted new drainage, built an outdoor kitchen, cleaned water tanks and rehung the kids mosquito nets. The team also dug a trench ready for a new water pump to be fitted. We were blessed beyond measure to have such an incredible team who made Angel Home a safer and brighter place for the children to call home.

DIY Dad!

In late August, the children were visited by the immediate family of long term volunteer Annie. Whilst Annie, her mum and brothers spent time showing the children love, Annie’s dad got busy with the DIY, to make the orphanage a safer place for the children to live. Jobs included hanging the mosquito nets, putting mesh over the vents and fixing the bathroom doors. All the hard work was rewarded with a picnic at the end of the visit where everyone had so much fun playing the park and dancing in the car park at the end ofthe day.Read More